Party Wall Awards

The Party Wall Act's mechanism for resolving disputes

The Party Wall Act etc. 1996

Adjoining Owners can agree or disagree with what is proposed. Where they disagree, the Act provides a mechanism for resolving disputes, whereby surveyors are appointed to make an award.

An award will describe in detail the nature and extent of work that is to be carried out, measures to prevent unnecessary inconvenience, the working practices that are to be followed and the time period within which the works shall be commenced. In most cases the surveyor(s) will examine the proposed plans, check engineer’s calculations (where applicable) and make an assessment of the likely impact that the works may have on an Adjoining Owner’s property.

In order to assist with the identification of any damage that might occur, party wall surveyors will usually carry out a descriptive and photographic schedule of condition to those parts of an Adjoining Owner’s property, in close proximity of the proposed works, which shall act as a benchmark for cross reference purposes.

Can The Act Be Used To Resolve a Boundary Dispute?

No, but in many cases, the Act will prevent legal disputes arising in the first instance.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 comprises 22 sections, all of which are very detailed and can be accessed by clicking here.

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Building Owners
A Building Owner is an owner of land who is desirous of exercising rights under the Act. Do you need to serve a notice under The Party Wall Act? If you are planning building works then a Notice may be necessary.
Adjoining Owners

An Adjoining Owner is an occupier or owner of land, buildings, storeys or rooms adjoining those of the building owner and for the purposes only of section 6 within the distances specified in that section.